“WHO” should Be Selling In Your Sales Copy?

Who’s “voice” your sales letter is written in, is a very
important factor you MUST consider,
before you ever sit down and write ANYTHING.

And of course, your entire marketing “angle” is going to be
dependent on that voice as well.

Generally, you have 3 choices of “voices” you can use.

First, you can use the actual person who is “selling” the goods and

You’ve got to be careful with this one though, because your
prospects are going to be somewhat skeptical whenever YOU
personally are pitching something YOU will benefit from, for
obvious reasons.

When you are pitching in your own voice, I always find it
easier, and more enjoyable — and maybe this is just a
personal preference with me — to do this when you’re
selling a “service,” or when you’re selling information —
as opposed to when you’re selling a tangible product.


Simple: Because you can only talk “so much” about a
hand-held widget, but you can virtually go on forever about
information that’s in a book… a newsletter… a kit… a
“system”… or a set of services you’re performing.

And this is important, especially as the price of the items
you’re selling increases. Because the more you tell, the
more you can justify your high prices… credentialize
yourself… and go into detail about the benefits of your

Tomorrow I have a special treat in store for you,
plus… I’ll tell you about another “voice” you can write
your sales letters in.

Now go sell something,

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